This is where I make note of "things" I spot when out and about that I want to know more about, for my own edumucation and interest.  Newest to Oldest.

31st October 2012
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I have been spotting a bird around here that I haven't seen before.  I had no luck finding it online but my mum and her trusty book sorted me out this morning.  It is a Little Wattlebird.  I will try and get a photo at some point.  Mum thought they eat the other birds eggs but I just read they aggressively protect their food bearing trees, they eat nectar.  They stick out a fair bit here amongst the mynas, blackbirds, crows and magpies. They are long and skinny looking with long tails.  I think I have been seeing juveniles because they are not as dark.

Little Wattlebird

10th September 2012
Spitfires/Perga Dorsalis/Blue Steel Sawfly Larvae
Spotted all about the neighbourhood.  Eye-catching in their foulness. Dumb as posts apparently, can't live without each other, very co-dependant and harmless despite cool name.  When they are on the ground they are migrating to another tree, one or two lead the way. They must be the Captain Cook's of the grub world. Posted more about them here.

22nd August 2012
Yellow-rumped Thornbill
I spotted these guys crossing the Moonee Ponds Creek near Marker Rd, Tullamarine.  The little yellow bums were very eye catching.  Can't say I recall seeing these before.

The description of this bird was interesting ... breeding pairs sometimes have "helpers" and they build fake nests, little trickers!
Yellow-rumped Thornbill
Source : 0ystercatcher. Lots more on Flickr.

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